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2024 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

The 2024 Wrangler 4xe PHEV takes freedom to roam to a whole new level. The only plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that lets you experience open-air adventure is now available at Jim Pattison Chrysler Jeep Dodge. Built with the muscle you need to be ready for anything, the spacious, well-equipped interior ensures a comfortable ride on every journey. Adventure awaits, and the 2024 Wrangler 4xe PHEV is ready to take you there.

Meet the 2024 Jeep® Wrangler 4xe PHEV Lineup

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Sport S

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High Altitude

High Altitude

Rubicon X

Rubicon X


What Is A PHEV?


A Dual Power Supply Gives More Options For Adventure


A Plug‑In Hybrid Electric Vehicle, or PHEV, is a combination of an electric motor powered by electricity from a battery, and an internal combustion engine powered by a fuel such as gasoline.


Unlike standard Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), PHEVs typically have a larger battery capacity that can be plugged in to recharge.


How Do PHEVs Work?


Teamwork Under The Hood


Plug‑In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs) drive using all-electric, all‑gas, or a combination, and automatically switch between power sources for optimal performance.


A PHEV typically uses its battery-power first, until it runs out of sufficient charge, at which point the combustion engine takes over and continues driving the vehicle, even when the battery is low. While you drive, the combustion engine and Regenerative Braking help to charge the battery. (Learn more about Regenerative Braking below).


Performance and Electric Range


Roam With Complete Confidence


With an onboard 2.0L Turbo Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) engine with 8-speed PHEV automatic transmission that helps you keep the batteries charged, the Wrangler 4xe PHEV is your ideal companion for exploring the great outdoors. The 375 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque gives a high-performance feel. Both city and off-road ready with an all-electric zero-emission range of up to 35 km, and E-select driving modes that enable you to optimize performance while offering a hybrid range of up to 592 km.*


*Electric range based on Manufacturer's estimate of combined fuel consumption ratings, full battery charge and hybrid mode. Driving range based on Manufacturer's estimate of combined fuel consumption ratings, fuel-tank capacity, full battery charge and hybrid mode. Your actual driving range will vary based on driving habits and other factors.


Charging Options


Optimized Charging Helps Your PHEV Work For You


Use the included Level 1 standard charging cable to plug in anywhere you can find an outlet, and keep your Wrangler 4xe PHEV ready for your next adventure.


Level 1 - Casual Convenience

Uses standard 120-volt electrical outlet, found in most households and businesses. Can be fully recharged in approximately 12 hours using the included Level I charger (115-volt).


Level 2 - Specialized for Speed

Currently available with specialized in‑home installation, or at most commercial charging stations. Can be fully recharged in approximately two hours using an available Level II charger (240-volt)*.


*Installation and configuration requirements may apply. Before purchasing or installing the in-home level II home Charging Station, customer should ensure that the system is compatible with their home's electrical system. Electrical system upgrades may be necessary to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and regulations. Please consult a professional installer for full details.


EV Drive Modes


Modes For Every Road

The E-Select driving modes allow you to customize each trip according to your driving conditions.


Hybrid Mode

Hybrid Mode combines torque from both the 2.0L Turbo I4 engine and the electric motors providing maximum horsepower, instant torque and acceleration. Electric power is consumed first to optimize performance.


Electric Mode

Choose Electric Mode to use battery power — until the battery reaches the minimum charge or when you want more torque, which engages the 2.0L Turbo I4 engine.


eSave Mode

eSave Mode saves the battery power for later — ensuring you have battery power for low‑emission zones in cities or maximum torque and horsepower on the trail for near‑silent exploration.


Rock-Trac® 4x4 System


Always Has A Grip

Get your grip on with the Rock-Trac® 4x4 System featuring a two‑speed transfer case with a 4:1 low‑range gear ratio (for a 77.2:1 crawl ratio), full‑time 4x4, front and rear next‑generation Dana® 44 axles and Tru-Lok® electric front- and rear‑axle lockers. Also included is an electronic sway bar disconnect for improved articulation.


Towing Capability


Climb Up, Crawl Over


A stronger, more robust version of the Dana® 44 rear axle, the full-float construction, typically found on commercial trucks, adds spindles and extra bearings for maximum towing capacity of up to 1,587 kg (3,500 lb). Standard on all Rubicon® models.

Uconnect® 5 NAV Hybrid Electric Pages


A Real Page-Turner Of Hybrid Operation


Track your vehicle’s hybrid operation in detail from within using your Uconnect® 5 system’s Hybrid Electric Pages. Monitor power flow, schedule charging times to take advantage of lower electric rates, view your driving history with electric and gasoline usage details, and see the impact of regenerative braking – all on the Eco Coaching pages. The blue LED battery level monitor lights located above the touchscreen show you how much electric power you have left.

Explore all Uconnect® features on our Uconnect Hub



Freedom Comes In Many Forms


Choose from the easy-to-lower Sunrider® soft top, an available removable Freedom Top® hardtop, or the available Sky One-Touch® Power Top, and pair it with the fold-down windshield, and removable doors to experience maximum open-air freedom. Experience improved visibility both on and off the road with matching body-colour half-doors with lower window ledges that deliver on safety and style.



Its Electric Blue accents, blue tow hooks, and 4xe badge in the rear always draw stares. The Electric Blue tow hooks at the front and rear are not only nice to look at, they make for easy towing in a vehicle recovery situation, and they ensure that your vehicle can be pulled to safety. Distinctive signature LED Headlamps, Fog Lamps, Taillamps, and Daytime Running Lamps make up the standard LED Lighting Group to give you optimal visibility and style.


Parking Assistance


ParkView® Rear Back-Up Camera And Park-Sense® Rear Park Assist System


Look ahead and see what's behind you in the standard ParkView® Rear Back‑Up Camera* that displays a wide‑angle view on the Uconnect® touchscreen, complete with dynamic gridlines to keep you in check. Parking gets even easier with the available Park-Sense® Rear Park Assist System that alerts you if the vehicle gets too close to an object.


*This is a driver convenience system, not a substitute for active driver involvement. The driver must remain aware of their surroundings and be prepared to take corrective action to avoid collisions.

Forward Collision Warning


A Vehicle That Looks Out For You


The standard Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking* system uses sensors and cameras to detect if you’re approaching a vehicle too quickly, and provides you with audiovisual alerts. If no action is taken, the system will apply the brakes, if needed, to slow or stop your vehicle.


*This is a driver convenience system, not a substitute for active driver involvement. The driver must remain aware of their surroundings and be prepared to take corrective action to avoid collisions.

Adaptive Cruise Control


Safe Distance


Available Adaptive Cruise Control accelerates and decelerates automatically, and keeps a consistent, safe distance between your Wrangler 4xe PHEV and the vehicle ahead using forward-mounted sensors. If needed, the Adaptive Cruise Control can also bring your Wrangler 4xe to a complete stop in stop‑and‑go conditions.

Forward-Facing TrailCam Off-Road Camera


Extra Eyes On The Road


Be aware of what lies ahead of your Wrangler with the available front-facing camera. Steer clear of obstacles using the dynamic tire path lines on your touchscreen that help you steer clear of obstacles by giving you enough time to react. An integrated washing nozzle keeps the lens clean for a clear view.



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